I spent a good while here, trying to get this right, trying to get the atmosphere right. My big camera wasn't having it and the pics kept coming out too 'blue' I must have taken about 20 pics, and they all looked too dark. You can't really tell on the preview screen outside unless you're stood in a dark area or shade, anyway I wasn't happy with this at first....so I got my little camera out and took some and it handled it much better although it doesn't have the sensor that my big one does. Still frustrated I even got my phone out which has a 12MP camera on it and that was pretty good.

When I got home and uploaded them to my pc it didn't look that bad and I knew with a few tweaks I could put it back right to how I saw it at the time.

Taken - 8/11/2017
Leeds to Liverpool Canal, Haigh CP. Lancashire
Stephen Dutch