About me

I first became interested in Photography when I discovered a pile of old camera magazines in my parent’s attic. It was not long before I was borrowing books from the library and buying camera mags on a regular basis. Upon observing my new found interest, it prompted my parents (and with much pleading from me) to buy me a camera for Christmas, a Praktica BC-1, my first proper camera.

I was out most evenings photographing the glorious countryside where I lived, instead of staying in doing my homework.! I noticed a photography competition in the local paper and I began to take Landscapes seriously – it had to be landscapes, I was too shy to ask women to take their clothes off and pose, still am, so I started to take hills and valleys of a different kind and I still get just as excited!

In 1989 I joined a camera club, it was good to meet and chat with fellow enthusiasts, I enjoyed the slide shows and entered the monthly competitions, some of which I won. After a few years I decided to leave as I had become bored with winning trophies and certificates, I wanted to win a car or a holiday for two in Barbados, and I’d also moved house, so it didn’t have the same appeal that it first had.

In 2001 I joined a walking group but I found that carrying a big heavy camera, lenses and all it’s assorted paraphernalia, as well as a rucksack, very tiring so I gave up photography for a while.

In 2004 I bought a digital camera after seeing the results a friend was getting with his. This camera was small and light, I could see the results straight away, delete the ones I didn’t like and didn’t have to wait three weeks for the photos to come back. I had total control over the developing and printing too and I was really excited once again.

Another two years passed and I realised that the compact had it’s limitations so I decided to buy a digital SLR. I was astounded by the quality (still am) photos are very sharp, colours are saturated and the highlights are not burnt out like that of the compact. The photos on my website have been taken over about 17 years, starting with 35mm slides, then the digital compact and now the DSLR. I wouldn’t go back to using film again.

Most of my photos have been taken whilst out walking, though I try not to miss an opportunity wherever I am. The walking and the photography go together and I never get tired of either, but if I had to choose, the walking would come a close second.

In 2011 I joined another Camera club in Bolton (Bolton Digital Photographic Society - now based in Horwich) and enjoy the group's activities and monthly competitions. I have had some pictures published in magazines and was lucky enough to have one of my photos used as the front cover of 'Lancashire Life' magazine in 2012. Finally…..if you would like to take your clothes off and pose for me, my email address is on the ‘Contact’ page!